5 things to do before moving to a foreign country.

I had the chance to travel quite a lot and I learned a few things about it.. I might be someone who loves to be by herself, sometimes I get scared by things.. Having to talk to people that I don’t know, do things that I never done before… I surely need someone that forces me to do them! lol

Here’s some tips that you should do before travelling in a foreign place, sometime it can be scary going somewhere by yourself, but there’s always people who will be happy to help you, just take your chance.


  • Having a place for fresh up when you arrive, when you get off the plane, bus, train or car the first thing you want to do is get a shower, change cloths or just get rid of all your heavy bags!

  • Contact people on social media who live there, that are in the same position as you are, it is always better to have someone you can see or who can help you find your way there.

  • Have a look online for place to go for a drink,diner,etc. Just so you don’t have to worry about anymore.

  • Have money for backup, even though you don’t need to have a lot of money, but having some you know you have in case you need it is always safer.

  • Last but not least, don’t panic, everything is going to be alright! 



I love travelling, I’ve been to London, Brighton, New York, Montréal, Toronto, Barcelona, Pise, Florence, Alghero, Paris, Toulon, Nice, Monaco, Cannes.. What about you, comment the places you’ve been to! 

Ophelie Nieddu Perez

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